BUNZ Safe Trading Zone !

BUNZ trading zone

Hey all ! Us Sidekicks are happy to announce that we’ve been added to the long list of Toronto Bricks and Mortar stores that have partnered with BUNZ to become safe trading spaces. The Sidekick has and always will have open doors for blind dates, trades, and all sorts of social scenarios where people need a public space and a Sidekick around to make sure they feel safe and everything goes down okay.

While we are a comic book store, we also offer free Wifi and a long selection of caffeinated and un-caffeinated beverages for people to enjoy while sitting and spending time with like-minded east-end people ! The large selection of board games are free to play and provide an adequate passtime for people waiting for a fellow BUNZ-er.

More exciting news with regards to this to come, including the release of the announcement from BUNZ as well as an event to celebrate this exciting news !

Happy trading-
– your friendly, neighborhood Sidekick

New Comics in September 7th, 2016

New Comic Book Day was a little late this week due to a delay in shipping from Labour Day, but we’re happy to say that everything arrived safe and sound ! Here’s what’s new and exciting this week in Comic Land..

Single Issues

paper-girls bounty-03 moonknight-06 jughead-09 everafter

Trade Paperbacks

angel-catbird mighty-jack kill-6 batman-you-choose

Back in Stock !!

daredevil-yellow wonder-woman-war

Comics Coming in August 17, 2016

Just some of the exciting new releases and re-orders coming in this week ! Check in-store for more stock, or contact us regarding Special Orders, holds, and Pull Lists.
See you Wednesday for New Comic Book Day !

Single Issues

batgirl birds prey dc rebirthblack hammer comics dark horsedescender sci-fi comics gwenpool spidey comics comics heartthrobrumble comics badass

Trade Paperbacks

deadly class trade paperback comic vol04 star wars vol 03 comic lucifer comic vol01 jem and the holograms comic vol 03

Back in Stock !!!

descender sci-fi comics saga action adventure comics paper girls sci-fi comics i kill giants comics

The Sidekick Birthday Party !

Sidekick Progress

We can’t believe it’s been a year already !
One year ago, the Sidekick was just an empty room and a dream. Thank you so much to all the lovely people in our neighbourhood for the continued support and excitement, without which we wouldn’t be here. We are happy to have been able to continue to deliver comics and caffeine to fellow lovers of both for a full year, and are hopeful for many more in the future.
All-in-all it was a successful Sidekick Birthday Party !Sidekick ShirtSidekick Birthday

If you didn’t get yourself a Sidekick t-shirt, we have more in stock available anytime. Shirts are $20+HST and were designed in-house by the shop owner !

Happy NCBD ! (New Comic Book Day)

Hey Heroes-

We’re happy to announce everything has been shipping smoothly at the shop, and we have been receiving our comic orders every Wednesday without a hitch !

The Sidekick offers subscription service for our regular customers upon leaving your name, contact info, and a list of the titles you would like us to hold for you. Due to our small size and relative new-ness, we can’t guarantee we won’t sell out of certain current single-issues, so signing up for a “Pull List” is the best way to make sure you don’t miss a book you’ve been reading !

Alternately, collected editions are available of most titles, and our stock is growing every week. If you’re after something you don’t see on the shelf, don’t hesitate to let one of our Sidekicks know and we can try to get a hold of whatever you are after ! We also love to hear what people in the neighbourhood are reading and excited about, as it helps us make decisions about what to keep around the store. Plus, there’s a good chance we’re excited, too !

thor marvel toronto comics NCBD image nerdtrade paperbacks books collected comics trex jurassic nerd

vinyl idolz burtward robin classic batman mug collection coffee wifi


comics toys action figures collectables trex nerd geek collector shop

We’re Sorry !

Hey all !

Thanks so much for the gush of support over the past few months ! We have been completely spoiled at the shop- and thus our website has went a little stale. But don’t fret ! We plan to tend to this puppy and get the ball back rolling.

We’ve been putting a lot into getting our inventory up to snuff here, and working towards a fuller, happier store. Things are looking good at your friendly, neighbourhood comic book shop (and coffee bar) !

Chemex mugs coffee espresso brick


shelfie comics trades sidekick booksbarista coffee espresso

Canada Day !

Hey All !

Just a quick note that we are Open Sunday-Style Hours tomorrow in observance of the Holiday !

We will still be Celebrating with all of you, and will be shelved for New Comic Book Day, however will be open 9-6 instead of 7-7.

Sorry for any inconvenience but look forward to seeing you there !

– the Sidekick

We’re Open !

Hey guys,
The Sidekick has been open for one full week, and we are super stoked to be a part of the ‘hood ! Thanks for all the excitement and support, we’ve been happily flooded with all of your positivity and look forward to seeing more of you !
The big Construction work is done, and we just have some additional fidgeting with shelves and furniture left to do.ย We’ll be updating the site with new stock, events, and all sorts of other goodies, so keep your eyes peeled.
Until then, here’s a time-lapse of our big mural. Stop by and see it for yourself from Monday-Friday 7am-7pm or Sunday between 9am-6pm !
– The Sidekick

Construction Update

Woo ! We’re building some walls in here, and the space is starting to take shape. So far, still looking a bit like the Batcave, but we’re hoping to have something a bit homier by the end. Still lots to keep us occupied around here !

Met our lovely neighbours at Urban Bulk Emporium– stop by and see them if you’re in the area. Great people. They’re keeping us live with good cheer and chocolate-covered almonds. Can’t wait to be a part of the area !