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lucifer trade paperback comics vertigo

Miss out on the re-launch of everyone’s favourite fallen Angel? No big deal- the big guy’s back in a new Trade Paperback from Vertigo, and the question on everyone’s mind is: Did he kill God? The rest of the winged clan seem to think so, and in this epic 6-issue series we tail Lucifer as he gets to the bottom of it.
Don’t worry, this collection stays true to the comics. No need to watch the television series, and no need to catch up on old issues (unless you want to). Clean, easy-to-read, and self-contained, this trade is the perfect jumping on point for new readers as well as a great re-hash for old fans. Available in-store while supplies last !

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saga space comics bestsellers trade paperbacksaga action adventure comicsaction adventure space saga comicsaction adventure space comicssaga space comics saga space adventure action

Tired of hearing about how great Saga is? Well, that’s too bad. Funny, fast-paced, and beautifully illustrated, Saga is definitely deserved of being one of the best-selling comics on our shelves.

Whether you’re in it for the romance, the spaceships, or the drama of interstellar warfare, there are plenty of reasons to jump on this popular title. Six volumes later, we’re still excited to see where our heroes will end up !

(Muture Content makes this comic best suited for Adult Audiences).

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

 unbeatable squirrel girl trade paperback comic unbeatable squirrel girl comic

Looking for an all-ages Marvel title that ties together the characters you know and love with a fun new twist? Into the idea that you won’t have to get into something that has a (Golden) age of history you’ll need to understand to enjoy? More importantly- do you like SQUIRREL PUNS? Then Unbeatable Squirrel Girl might be the book for you !

Doreen and her squirrel pal Tippy team up to get through the most exciting adventure of all- College ! How does a girl with equal powers of squirrel and girl traverse the campus while keeping her identity secret? Read along as our hero goes to class, gets a roommate, and fights Galactus !

(This title is suitable for readers of all ages).


descender sci-fi comics

Emotionally gripping and artfully rendered, Descender weaves an intergalactic tale of a universe split between biological “humanity” and sentient robots.

After the destruction of planets by large malicious androids, one lonely boy-bot wakes up
alone on an abandoned planet. Traversing a galaxy that hates his kind, Tim21 struggles to find out what happened to the world he remembers, and to find whatever family he has left.

(Some mature content and violence).


lumberjanes comic bestseller lumberjanes comic bestseller lumberjanes 3

An all-girls scout camp that solves mysteries and makes mixtapes ? We’re SO in !
Enter Lumberjanes, a great badge-collecting adventure-comic about a group of girls at camp who use thier collective strengths to get through all the obstacles that await them.
(This title is suitable for all ages!)

The Pitiful Human Lizard

pitiful human lizard trade paperback looBetween working full-time and fighting crime, he still has time to go on dates and call his Mom ! Lucas, AKA (Pitiful) Human Lizard, is Toronto’s newest superhero in this tale by Toronto native Jason Loo. After an experimental drug test leaves him with regenerative abilities, Lucas takes his night-time crime fighting to the streets of Toronto. A great cast of characters includes Human Lizard’s best friend, Majestic Rat, and fellow crime fighter Mother Wonder, among others. Pick it up for the unapologetic references to Toronto’s landmarks, and stay for the humour and heart.
(Some cartoon-violence makes this title suitable for most readers)